3 easy protectives hairstyles using kanekalon hair

By Rebécca Joachim


At the end of the month of July, it will officially be one year since I cut my last strands of permed hair and became completely natural. I was completely natural for the first time in eleven years! It was an incredible journey, I had to learn for the first time how to take care of my natural hair. Back in the days, my mother was still taking care of my hair. I was only 11 years old when I first permed my hair. Now at 21, I had to learn how to take care of my hair. It was not easy but I made it through. What really helps me is to learn how to do nice and easy protective styles using kanekalon hair.

This allows me not only to switch up my style and keep it interesting, but it also protects my hair. Thanks to YouTube I (almost) mastered kanekalon hair updos!

Styling your hair when you are natural can be challenging this is why I am writing this article, to introduce 3 beautiful hairstyles that I learn to do on YouTube and that I now mastered! Ready? Let’s get into it!

First, you will need;

  1. A spray bottle full of water to help you detangle your hair (your natural should never be detangled while dry, always detangle when it’s wet. Those empty spray bottles are available at the dollar store)
  2. A hard brush
  3. A comb
  4. Some bobby pins
  5. Elastics
  6. Gel (optional because I know not everybody like to slick their hair, but I personally use it) 
  7. Edge control (optional as well the gel on its own can do the job or like I said if you do not want to slick your hair that much it is really not necessary)
  8. Kanekalon hair (duh)
  9. A scarf (optional as well for the same reason mentioned above for the gel and the edge control)


1st hairstyle: Jumbo braid!


This easy and quick hairstyle you will look flawless effortlessly! Are you ready to let this braid upgrade you? Here is how to do so in 9 easy steps!

This easy and quick hairstyle you will look flawless effortlessly! Are you ready to let this braid upgrade you? Here is how to do so in 9 easy steps!

  1. Start by moisturizing and detangling your hair.
  2.  Then, do a high ponytail. You can place your ponytail in whichever side you want depending on where you want your braid to fall
  3. Take your kanekalon hair and tie them together with the same elastic (Recommended: 2 packs of hair). Then tie your hair and the kanekalon hair together.
  4. Start your braid mixing your real hair with the kanekalon. Use a little elastic to hold the braid together at the end.
  5. Use a little elastic to hold the braid together at the end.
  6. Your braid is done! If you are into that you can style it by using edge control and a teeth brush to create baby hair
  7. Also putting a scarf on for 10 minutes will help your edges stay laid all day but this is an optional step as well
  8. Ready to see the result on me? Here is my jumbo braid.



2nd hairstyle: 2 side mini buns!


This must me with one of my favorite hairstyles; Side mini buns! Such an adorable hairstyle! Here are the instructions for this look!

  1. After you have detangled your hair, split them in two even part. The parts must be as even as possible.
  2. Tie them and create two little buns
  3. Then, take a piece of the kanekalon hair and put a hair tie in the middle of the hair so it can be split in half.
  4.  Tie the kanekalon hair to the bun.
  5. Flip the kanekalon hair over the bun and start twisting the hair
  6.  When you are done twisting the hair, roll it around the bun
  7.  Repeat the steps for your second bun and there you have it! 2 mini buns!
  8. Use a toothbrush with edge control if you want to style your baby hair
  9.  Put the scarf on for 10 minutes to help those edges to stay laid all day!

 The result on me?

Here you go:


3rd and last hairstyle: High fashion braids


I saved this hairstyle for last because it is a little more complex than the two other ones! I would not say that it’s difficult to recreate but maybe a little challenging. It sure takes more time but, when you will achieve it (I know you will) you will realize that your efforts were totally worth it! Ready to accept this challenge? Let’s get into it!

  1.  Detangle your hair and split them into two even parts.
  2.  Create 2 low pigtails with your hair
  3.  Split the pigtail into 3 parts and for each part add kanekalon hair and braid them until you get half way
  4. Braid the 3 braids that you just created together so it can form one big braid
  5. Then, take a piece of hair out and roll it at the end of the 3 braids that you just braid together
  6.  Keep braiding the hair normally after that until the end
  7.  Loosen up the braid to create a little messy look and add a twist to this high fashion hairstyle
  8.  Add another piece of hair at the beginning of each braid to cover up the braiding part and make the hairstyle look as neat as possible!
  9. You are done ! Up to you if you want to do the scarf and baby hair steps! I recreated this look for my birthday and I loved it! 

I will leave the link below of each hairstyle so you can watch the tutorials on YouTube!

I hope this will make the natural hair journey easier for you and also I hope you will have fun doing these hairstyles! Yes, maintaining our natural hair can be challenging but it is also an incredible experience because the more you learn about your hair, the more you learn about yourself! The natural hair journey is also a journey to self-love, and this is all that matters!


Hairstyles YouTube links:

Protective style | Goddess braid:


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