5 tricks to make travelling with curly hair easier 


travelling with curly hair

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It is officially summer time ladies! The sun is out and so are we! This summer you may be travelling to a new destination solo, with family, with your girlfriends or with your significant other. Other than look fly and having easy to manage hair on this trip, you want to make sure that the health of your hair is intact. This can be tedious because you may not be able to bring all your products in your suitcase to accommodate the climate as well as your minimal styling time.

Here are 5 tricks to make travelling with curly hair easier:


  1. Wear a protective Style: 
    Remember when you were younger and every summer you would go on vacation to your grandparents, father/mother, cousins, aunts/uncles, and have to wear braids? Those days are not gone. Put your hair in box braids, faux locs, havanna twists, and many other styles. These will keep your hair protected from the climate of the new country which your hair may not be used to. In addition, you will not have to style your hair at all while travelling, especially if you are on vacation. Lastly, you can keep your hair and scalp moisturized and grow your edges with the oils such as Kreyol Essence’s oils. As well as, sleek those baby hairs with Mielle Organics Edge Control.
    Protective hairtyles faux locs canada
    2. Prepare for climate change

    Going to a foreign country with a different climate may affect your hair. If you are going from hot to cold or cold to dry, your hair may become very dry. Hence, stock up the travel size versions of your key ingredients. Moisture is always needed while travelling so ensure to Alikay Naturals Leave-In Conditioner (Liquid) and some coconut oil and Mielle Organics Curling Custard. These products will keep your tresses moisturized and seal until you are finished travelling. If you plan to straighten your hair and especially in hotter climates,  make sure to use a product with heat protection, such as The Mane Choice The Natural Shine Polishing Mist and protect your hair from the sun UVs ray.

    3. Carry A Headwrap
    Some naturals (me!) do not want to deal with their natural hair on a trip so they wrap it up. Or, if your hair is giving you some difficulty on a particular day just wrap it up!  They offer various styles such as low and high faux buns, as well as halo crowns.  Watch our video on how to wrap our Kika Curls Headwraps! In addition, they come in all different designs that can add flair to your hairstyle.  Click here to view our african print headwraps.


    4. Do simple hairstyles

    Simple hairstyles will reduce the amount of time you spend in your hair significantly. While travelling we are trying to do other things than having to comb our hair. Hence, doing simple styles will save you time. You can do wash and gos, literally wash your hair and “go”. As well as, crown braids and buns. No need to think of an extravagant hairstyle to do every day.


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    5. Wear a baseball cap for curly hair 

    Did you know there were caps especially made for curly hair? Yes, it is called a curl cap and it will reduce your hair time to 0 time on your vacation. You will be out and about while protecting your hair and face from UV rays. Sounds cool right?

    How do you make travelling easier with natural hair?

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