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Best natural hairstyles for summer

 It is summer ladies! The sun is out but our hair should not be in this heat. This summer we should be doing more protective styles for our hair. This will allow you to combat the summer’s heat and humidity while protecting your tresses from the sun rays. Any style that allows us to put up our hair this summer we are rocking. There are various styles like this such as: 

1. Headwraps – This is becoming many lazy natural’s signature look. Headwraps offer great flair to your personal style due to their different patterns. In addition, you can do different styles with them such as high puff, high bun, low bun, high puff with bangs and many other styles. With this style, our hair is kept up and out of our face. Hence, the humidity won’t get to us. As well as, our hair isn’t rubbing against our clothes which can cause breakage. Lastly, the satin material of the wrap keeps the moisture locked in and frizz at bay.

2. Crown Braids – This is a very simple yet elegant style. It can be worn for work, parties, family gatherings, and even to the supermarket. It takes little to no time to do once you have mastered the technique. The key is to do the braids loose or tight depending on your face. Then, lay your baby hairs to add flavour to the style. The style can last you 3 -5 days depending on your nightly maintenance.

crown braid natural hairstyle


3. Braids/ Twists/Locs – Protective styles such as braids, twists, or even faux locs are calling your name this summer. For example, senegalese twists, havanna twists, crochet twists, crochet braids, box braids, and faux locs. These styles allow your hair to be tucked away underneath the hair to prevent it from being overmanipulated by you, as well as the environment. In addition, they can be styled in various ways such as buns, ponytails, half ups or half downs to avoid the heat getting to you. Lastly, you have a new look for the summer time

faux locs natural hairstyle

(source: naturalbabe10.11_pro)

4. Buns – Buns, buns, buns and more buns.  Whether they are double, low, or even high buns, as well as top knots, they can be rocked this summer. Buns will keep your hair in one spot on your head. You can choose whichever bun style depending on the frame of your face. Then, you slick down those baby hairs and get your summer going. Remember to moisturise your hair prior to the bun because your ends are going to be tucked away for a long time. 

buns natural hair style

(source: allofdestiny)

5. Rock A Hat – Hats are great this season as well. They keep your hair tucked away from the sun’s UV rays. In addition, they will add an extra flair to your outfit. In addition, you can change the hats depending on what you plan to wear that day. Lastly, don’t be afraid to rock a hat because there are hats that are being created to keep natural hair protected with satin lining. 

What styles are you rocking this summer for your natural hair?

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