How to dye your natural hair without damaging it?

You may be feeling to switch up your look with a new colour such as blue, red, green, orange or even to go blonde. However, everyone knows that dying your natural hair can cause serious damage to your tresses. It may weaken your hair strands because the protein layer is destroyed. Thus, the dye can affect the optimal health of your hair, especially doing it the summer where the temperature is hot and very dry. However, there is a safe way to dye your natural hair this summer. You want to ensure that your technique, product usage, and aftercare routine is perfect. This allows you to not damage your hair, as well as to maintain the colour for a very long while.

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1. Technique – First, is to ensure that the technique of applying the dye is right. The dye needs to be mixed well hence follow the instructions accurately. Then, apply the dye to your hair using gloves to reduce frizz that will occur from your hands interacting tight the dye as well as your curls. Or, you can use an applicator brush to paint the dye unto your mane. Then, leave on the dye as per the box instructions. Do not let the dye stay in your hair for longer than the box stimulates. In addition, while you are waiting on the dye to work its magic ensure to check on your hair. Your hair may accept the hair dye faster, hence, it will need to be washed out quicker.

2. Product Usage - Ensure to use dye products that are safe for your natural hair. Although dyes are made up of mostly chemicals ensure that there are some natural ingredients within the product listing. This ensures your hair is being nourished and protected while the dye is being applied to your tresses. Or, you can choose to use natural dyes that will give you the same look. There are natural dyes such as henna that naturals will use on a continuous basis to give their hair more of an auburn look. that your hair is being protected within the process. Or, you can use natural dye ingredients such as henna to achieve the colour that you want.



3. Aftercare – Aftercare deals with how will you care for your hair after the dye has been applied. You would need to use products that will strengthen your hair shaft. As well as to keep the colour bright. A product line that does this Aphogee Hair Care Line. Aphogee is the most well-known product that caters for damaged hair, from dying, bleaching or heat damage. The line contains a two-step protein treatment which will prevent your hair from breaking off while it is dyed. As well as, a balancing moisturizer to keep your protein-moisture balanced. These two products will reduce your colour fading by 30%. As well as repair any damaged that was caused by the dye. Using these products once or twice a month on your natural hair routine will keep your hair free from damage from the dye. 




Will you be dying your hair this summer?