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What is my hair porosity?


Hair porosity is the ability at which hair absorbs and retains moisture. It is essential for you to know your hair's porosity, because it will be easier for you to find the best products for taking care of your hair. There are 3 types of porosity: low, normal and high.

 How to find the porosity of her hair?

 The most effective method is to take a clean hair and put it in a glass filled with water. After a few minutes, if the hair floats then it has a low porosity. If it moves towards the bottom of the glass, it means that the hair is very porous and if it floats in the middle of the glass then the porosity is normal.



 Here are some characteristics, advice and suggested products according to the porosity of the hair:




Suggested Products

Low Porosity

- The cuticles are flat and tight.

- Hair resists hydration

- The hair is shiny

- Curls take time to dry

- Products tend to accumulate on the hair

- Choosing water-based products

- Imprison moisture with light oil such as jojoba oil.

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Normal Porosity

- Hair accepts and retains moisture well

- The buckles are elastic and rebound

- Hair is easy to handle and maintain

- Use a co-wash to clean hair

- Use a moisturizer that is not too heavy

- Avoid protein-based treatments

- Use oils such as monoi oil


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High Porosity

- Curls easily absorb moisture, such as water, but do not retain it

- Hair is more likely to have frizz

- Hair dries quickly and looks dry.

- Use rich oils and moisturizers

- Wash with apple cider vinegar

- Avoid astringent products and silicones


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