Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Goat + Coconut Growth Hair Milk (Krem ak Let) (8 oz.)

Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil Goat + Coconut Growth Hair Milk (Krem Ak Let) (2 oz))

Kreyol Essence

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Haitian Black Castor Oil Coconut Crème and Goat’s Milk consists of 100% natural ingredients minus the parabens, harsh chemicals, and artificial colors that dry out hair. The pH balance of goat’s milk along with natural occurring triglycerides make it a healthier hair care ingredient that is lightweight and creamy. This curl quencher also contains unrefined Shea Butter, pure Haitian black castor oil, Coconut to soften, moisturize, and repair dry, damaged hair. Show your curls love and pamper every strand with our unique milk therapy designed to bring your curls to life.

*Sustainable Development

*Natural Ingredients

*Not tested on animals

Directions : Apply a generous amount of hair milk to wet hair from roots to ends distributing it evenly with a comb or fingers. Remove excess water by squeezing it out.