About Kika Curls

Don’t tame your curls, let them free !

Natural hair (def.): Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. - blackhair.about.com

I have been officially “natural” since 2011. When I decided to go natural, oh boy… It was a challenge! It was not only hard with the hair itself but with how other people would perceive me and most importantly, how I perceived myself. That is why I started Kika Curls. I wanted to make a difference in how people perceived themselves with their natural hair, as beautiful as they are.  Kika Curls is not only an online natural hair boutique; we aim at providing you with the necessary resources for you to work your fro! We not only want to provide you with the best natural products for your curly, coily, kinky and fabulous hair, but also the essential information (tips, hairstyles, ideas, funny stories, etc.) to take care of it. Our mission is to empower Canadian women by creating a community of healthy beautiful curly heads, while supporting local black artists and businesses.