Mielle Organics Flexible Hold Edge Gel (4 oz.)

Mielle Organics Flexible Hold Edge Gel (4 oz.)

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Mielle Organics Edge Gel is the perfect solution for those concerned with taming resistant edges and fly away hairs. Made with certified organic honey, ginger, aloe vera and lavender flower wax, this formula is excellent for natural, relaxed and chemically treated hair. It adds the right amount of hold, while nourishing your hair and scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

The ultimate for smooth edges, ponytails, and braids. Non-flaky, non-gummy, non-greasy formula is ideal for straight or natural hair.


  • Apply a small amount to edges or desired area of hair.
  • Smooth with fingertips, small toothbrush, or brush for desired look and hold.
  • Close jar tightly after each use.